I saw this one article called "alphabet aesthetics" by @spookyspliff and I felt like I want to try it myself.


art, book, and flowers image art, nature, and green image Temporarily removed art, flowers, and paint image


pink, flowers, and japan image asia, black, and city image flowers, pink, and window image anime, boy, and sakura image


camila cabello image camila cabello image camila cabello image camila cabello image


dance, ballet, and ballerina image girl, dance, and ballet image Jeremy Scott, Moschino, and tyler the creator image party image


elephant, cute, and animal image Temporarily removed cacharel image Temporarily removed


Temporarily removed fire, friends, and marshmallow image snow, igloo, and winter image book, fire, and burn image


girl, makeup, and beauty image girl, makeup, and beauty image makeup, girl, and beauty image Image removed


room, bedroom, and bed image design, industrial, and interior image coffee, home, and bed image light, room, and tumblr image

Ice cream

food, ice cream, and yummy image ice cream, chocolate, and rose image oreo, food, and ice cream image food, ice cream, and yummy image


travel, green, and jungle image girl, puppy, and dog image girl, summer, and bikini image girl, summer, and hair image


Temporarily removed lion, animal, and beige image cat, cute, and kitten image animal, lion, and love image


lips, red, and makeup image lips, makeup, and lipstick image lips, pink, and glitter image lips, rainbow, and pink image


black&white, blackwhite, and monochrome image black and white, change the world, and grunge image gun control, kids, and marching image change, demand, and march image


planner and bullet journal image aesthetic, college, and desk image school, study, and book image Temporarily removed


animals, primates, and orangutans image سبحان الله image animal, librarian, and ape image Image by gussousa


girl, photography, and camera image Image removed iphone, sunset, and sea image summer, beach, and pineapple image


quotes, rainbow, and people image quotes, life, and words image halsey, wallpaper, and Lyrics image love, quotes, and forever image


rainbow, road, and sky image girl, rainbow, and eyes image rainbow, aesthetic, and fashion image Temporarily removed


girl, music, and grunge image concert, happy, and life image aesthetic, architecture, and black and white image Temporarily removed


travel, tattoo, and map image travel, map, and world image travel, world, and coffee image Temporarily removed


Temporarily removed rain, girl, and umbrella image city, night, and umbrella image love, art, and colors image


book, box, and gryffindor image Image removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed


Temporarily removed Image removed vans, Marvel, and shoes image


yellow, light, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It


zebra, animal, and baby image animal, zebra, and black and white image zebra, animal, and cute image zebra, animal, and black and white image

I hope you liked this article. I hope some of you would like to recreate your own version. Anna x