This article is about a few of my thoughts that I tried to put into words, sorry if this isn’t very good or doesn’t make sense but I’m not good at explaining my thoughts.


Who knew that so many different emotions could fit into just one word, that brings so much happiness but yet so much pain.

Love is one of the biggest mysteries in life, why do people fall in love?
People fall in love everyday, and for a few weeks, months or years they are truly happy being with that person but not many of these relationships actually last, and instead they end in pain and sorrow. There are billions of people in the world who want to be in love more than anything, they never give up that one day they will find someone. I guess it’s beautiful really that no matter how many times someone has been broken they never give up on love. But why, why don’t we realise that nothing lasts that everything eventually ends, because for a few moments people want to feel happy again, truly happy even if so much pain is caused afterwards.

So many people love, they love family members and friends, but one day the family member dies and all that’s left is a memory, and one day all their friends leave and they realise that they truly needed them. People love people that don’t love them back, that don’t give them a second thought, this destroys them. People love people that they think love them back but really it was all just a lie, they love people they can never have. Sometimes two people love each other more than anything else in the world but they never tell each other and eventually two soul mates grow apart thinking the other didn’t like them.

“So why do we love if all it causes pain?” She asked
“Because it’s the idea and the thought of what you could have of what you could want coming true, so people fall in love so that for one moment they have everything they ever wanted”I said
“Even if it’s doesn’t last?”
“Yes, even if it doesn’t last”