Ayoooo everyone!
So...another K-Pop article (oh gosh)
I already met people that said "oh K-Pop is trash, you shouldn't listen to this shit" and I was like:
So I decided to put some songs here that I'm sure they will like ;)
(Just to let you know that I do not own the gifs and images that I'm using)


amazing, beautiful, and gif image

This was the second song that dragged me into k-pop. Exciting, catchy and cute, this song is going to make them dance for days!

2| Blood, Sweat & Tears by BTS

boys, dance, and gif image

Okat, THIS was THE song. I totally love BTS and I'm completely sure that your friends may try to hide, but they will be singing it some minutes later!

3| Bad Boy by Red Velvet

bad boy, gif, and hq image

This song is so cool! It's also catchy, just like BOOMBAYAH. I think that I can sing this whole song after listening to it 200 times.

4| Crazy by 4MINUTE

gif and 4minute image

If your friends like some sexy hip hop songs, they'll completely love this!

5| Pink Lady by Miso

gif, MISO, and pink lady image

Sexy and catchy, this song brings Miso from the group Girls Girls to tell how much she loves the color pink (as you can see in the gif)

6| Lotto by EXO

exo, gif, and kpop image

This is one of the 2 songs that I like in this group. It's catchy and made me sing for days. Why don't you try it?

7| Lip & Hip by HyunA

gif, kpop, and hyuna image

That LIIIIP & HIIP thing just makes you want to dance. There were some people talking bullshit abou that song, but for me, it's one of her best songs.

8| Mic Drop (Steve Aoki Remix) by BTS and Steve Aoki

gif, bts, and suga image

This is the BEST THING I'VE EVER HEARD. If they don't like it, then they're crazy. That's it.

9| Gashina by Sunmi

asian, gif, and kpop image

Sunmi always has been an inspiration for me. But this... THIS IS SO AMAZING!

10| As If It's Your Last - Japanese Version by BLACKPINK

blink, gif, and lisa image

I decided to use this song because it's actually the last. I tried not put songs that weren't in Spotify, so I hope you like it. Last...

Don't worry! I created a playlist on Spotify. Here's the link:

See ya <3