Somewhere along the thin, sometimes long or sometimes short, line of life, you will be able to figure out the origin of your fears. You will be able to overcome any fear that has been bothering you for a while. You will understand why so many crappy situations have happened to you, just you, and eventually, what you learn from those experiences will create your wisdom, the wisdom of your beautiful soul. I know you feel alone, helpless, hopeless, but as you are growing up you start realizing that such fears and worries are not worth your pain and tears. Your loneliness and your need for someone to protect you, to never leave you alone, will turn to a magical feeling of not only not needing someone else to hold you at your worst moments, but it will turn into an unexplained sensation that you are strong enough to go through difficult situations on your own, and literally, that is human nature. Of course, our souls need people to be around. As this change approaches, you will learn how to admire other things that were not relevant enough before. Your soul becomes fresh and as time goes by, that heavy block of pain dissipates away. You will feel the need to be surrounded by acknowledgeable individuals, not anymore because of the need of protection but because of the desire for personal growth. The persons that were once of our importance and never realized our value will only be nothing more than another human habiting this world.
I believe that you will get off your shell as the beautiful pearl you and your soul are. All the love that you have been reserving for, maybe just for someone, will put all of its power in beautiful souls that you will find along the way, on nature, on music, on the more solidity of the frequency that we call routine, but mainly, that enormous amount of love will become the love for your own self, and happiness will, eventually, surround your soul.