I'll be going on a Dublin trip in a week and I'm currently planing the last few things, so I decided to write a article on how I always plan my trips and I'll try to give you some usefull tips for your next journey. Enjoy!

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Choosing the destination
When you're planing a trip, the first thing you'll need is a destination. Do you want to spent some time on the beach or would you rather explore a city? Do you want to go by car, plain or train? How much money do you have? How long will you stay?
These are some of the questions you should ask yourself before you decide where to go. At least that's how I always choose.
City trips are often pretty expensive but even there you can find some cheap offers.
Tip: If you're living in Europe Prague might be a good choice. It's cheap but still stunning.

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Where do you want to stay?
Most people I know stay in Hotels, but I always prefer booking an appartment. You have way more privacy and it might even be a little bit cheaper. You can bring your own food and don't have to go out eating everyday.
Especially if you're traveling in a group (3 or 4 people) it's better than taking a Hotel.
If I'm traveling alone I always stay in Hostels. It's a great opportunity to meet people from other countries and you can spent some time with your roommates during the days (or nights).

Tip: If you choose to stay in a hostel only go into rooms with 4 beds. Having too many roommates sucks.

Planing activities
Google is your best friend if you're planing activities so you better do it while you're still at home. I'm usually planing one or two sightseeing days, a shopping day and of course some relaxing days.
I don't really use "official" travel guides, I prefer spots and attractions I don't have to share with a million other tourists.

Tip: Look for some travel blogs on the Internet, you can find great secret spots and tips online.

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Be flexible
Always have a plan B. Maybe the weather won't be that great as planed or some attractions are closed during some seasons. It's better to have some options, just in case.

Use public transportation
Visiting a new city is great - but it's even better to see other things outside of it too. Inform yourself about the public transportation in the city/country you're staying at.You can look for bus plans online or go to a tourists info. And don't be ashamed to ask local people, they really helped me out of some sticky situations from time to time.

Tip: Use google map. It'll show you wich train/bus you have to get.

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Don't forget to relax
Traveling can be stressfull. You should never forget so take some time of. Just sit down at the beach or in a park and enjoy being away from home for a while. Enjoy a walk trough the city, try new food and meet new people. In the end that's what traveling is about. Just have a good time!

Tip: Get lost in the city. Just start walking without a plan and you'll find the most beautiful places, the nicest restaurants or cute little coffee shops. But don't forget your address so you can find back again with google maps.

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I hope reading this helps you with planing your next trip. And don't worry if something goes wrong. You can't plan everything. Actually traveling a lot more fun if some fails happen.

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