Hi guys♡

I'm here today to talk about self care. I find it really important to take care of yourself, and here are a few tips on what you can do to practice self care! Enjoy♡

1 ➵ spa day at home

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Take a nice long bath (or shower), shave your legs, exfoliate, moisturize, spend the day in a fluffy robe, do your nails, put on a nice face mask, enjoy a glass of wine (if you're old enough)... There are so many things to do, and you will feel relaxed and really good about yourself afterwards!

2 ➵ declutter

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Having an organized home always brings satisfaction. Declutter your wardrobe, phone, laptop, drawers, bookshelf... or anything else you need to organize! Throw out (or delete) what you don't need/use, you'll feel much more relaxed afterwards, I promise!

3 ➵ write down compliments

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Make a list of every single compliment you receive (big or small), this will come in handy for bad days.

4 ➵ treat yourself

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Treat yourself to a thing you've been wanting forever, whether it's clothing, makeup, skincare, cake or something else. You deserve it!

5 ➵ write

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Write about your day, write about the good things that happened to you, write about the bad things. Pour it all out on paper. Declutter your head.

6 ➵ go for a hike

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It always helps to be outside, being surrounded by nature, getting that fresh air your body so desperately needs!

7 ➵ doodle / draw / paint

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It doesn't matter if you're not an expert, this will help you express yourself, and it's really relaxing. Do what you feel most comfortable with, and don't judge yourself, you're doing great!

8 ➵ watch that movie

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You know, the movie that you've been dying to see, but never have the time for... Just grab some popcorn and a few cozy blankets. You will not regret this.

9 ➵ read a book

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Let yourself drift over to another world, just don't take your problems with you.

10 ➵ pet your pet

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Cuddle up with your pet, and relax.

11 ➵ enough sleep

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Get enough sleep, this will leave your body fully energized and ready for another day.

12 ➵ redecorate

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You don't like your house/apartment/room/a corner of a room? Redecorate it! Create a moodboard or get some inspiration from magazines/internet, and create a list of what to do.

Small things you can do anytime

❤ 13 - Laugh
❤ 14 - Call someone who gets you
❤ 15 - Make a playlist of happy songs
❤ 16 - A full day of no internet
❤ 17 - Do the chores you always put off
❤ 18 - Help someone
❤ 19 - Hydrate
❤ 20 - Smile at yourself in the mirror
❤ 21 - Breathe
❤ 22 - Say "I'm enough"
❤ 23 - Listen to music

I dare you all to try the 365day happiness challenge posted below❤


You deserve the love you keep trying to give everyone else.

That's it for today guys! I hope you enjoyed this article, and got inspired♡


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