you were a perfect surprise
This is something your parents realize
Cus since the day you opened your eyes
Everything has change
You made their life full of joy
You are a gift they enjoy
You grow up fast and now
You are one year old
You hold your mama hand
When you feel cold
Days go by and now
You are two
All the happiness is up to you
And you feeling so old
You try to talk. Try to walk cuz there is nothing to hold
And your mama knew it
You free your little fingers from her hand to try your first step and stand
Because you know you can do it
Soon you are four
You learned to walk out the door
But you still too little to stand
So your dad go with you and
He hold your hand
are playing on the background
You laugh out loud
So everyone can hear your sound
Your mama showed you the sky
And now you wanna fly
And maybe one day you will do it
Five years old
You are gold
And everyone knew it
So heres to all your barbie cars
Light saber wars
Heres to all the times you stared at the stars
Heres to every missing tooth
Every time you made your mama felt youth
Every bedtime story
Heres to every tear . All your fears
Heres to every time you said "sorry "
Little girl your getting old
You try to ride your bicycle
At six years old
And your brother showed you
How to do it
And now you wanna be a star
play with your guitar
And you know you can do it
Your mama was your biggest fan
She said " I wish you know that iam now and then "
you smiled you already knew it
And it's your first day of school it was so cool
You made friends
You wish it never end
But tomorrow you will be eleven years old
But your not that old
you still hold your teddy bear
When ever you feel scare
And your not a shamed to do it
You had your first day in high school
And now nothing seems cool
You run crying to home from school
You said I can't do it
Because you are already thirteen
And Everyone is so mean and you can't change a thing
But times went in
And learned how to love yourself
Because your sister helped you go throw it
But now you have problem with your mom and dad
They always get mad
But one day you will understand
Maybe because you will be holding a little hand
Your getting old before you knew it
And it's right you can't sleep at night
you thinking how could someone's eyes be so bright
And yeah iam talking about the handsome boy in your school
How could he be so cool
But you wished you know that he was no good for you
Because at thirteen who ever is gonna tell you he loves you
You will believe them and let them in
Yes everyone look for love at thirteen
And now he broke your heart and make you feel apart
So you stay all day crying On your own
Feeling so alone
But soon you will be strong
You had your first heart break
At thirteen but those stuff
Dosent matter now because your are fifteen
You meet people who are so cool
And now you got focus on your study
So you start to love school
2016 this was the year when we meet
We thought we are good at French
So " c etait la fete "
We get close so fast and I wish that this forever least
Cus we are so cool
We go late to school
We made alot of trouble like a foles
Today there is 17 candles in front of you
All of them are light up for you
So now you need to
close your eyes
And remember some memories and realize
How much love you lived in
How much blessed you has been
But you still so young and you have so much to go throw
But sister don't you worry
We will stand by you
We will always be here when you feel down
And I will give you my hand and my sound
I will take the bullet. Take the blows
I'll take all your pain
And don't you every worry or cry
Cause we will love you all your life
And you will never need another friends
we will be there for you till the very end
And don't you worry God will send to you
Someone who will love you like real man do
And I got to say happy birthday to you
I hope your life is full of fun and joy
And hope you live a life that you enjoy
And I will pray that all your dreams come true
Because your stronge and I believe on you
And we will do alot of things together
Because we will always stand by each other
And there's nothing on this world i wouldn't do
For you
Cuz I love you
Happy birthday sweetie ❤❤ sweet 17 baby

this song i wrote for one of my besties for her birthday i wanted to share it with you
thank you so much guys for all your lovely messages iam making sure to answer everyone .. love u all so much