They are some movies that make you happy, some other that were made to make you think about life, some that make you cry your heart out. And then, there are movies that scorch your soul, touch your heart and make you want to feel more alive, over and over again . "Call me by your name" is one of those few, rare, precious movies that made me drown into emotions and feel, before anything else. While watching it, I forgot I was in a cinema, that what I was seing was a movie and that the characters weren't real and all this thanks to the incredible story but also, to the breathtaking performances of actors Timothée Chalamet (Elio), Armie Hammer (Oliver), Michael Stulhbarg (Elio's father) and Esther Garrel (Marzia). To me, this movie is, before anything else, a vibrant and beautifully poetic hymn to life, family and tolerance that makes you want to be in love and live in Italy for the rest of your days.

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Its story takes place in Nothern Italy, during summer, in 1983. The family Perlman, who owns a beautiful villa, spends the summer there with a student, like every year. The student of that year, Oliver, is avery handsome and charming american and Elio Perlman, the 17year-old son of the family offers him to show him around. A tension then starts to settle between them, in the beautiful landscapes of italy, between archeological searches, reading, music, sun and beauty. The most central places in the movie are Elio and Oliver's rooms and bathroom, the garden and the villa's italian surroundings

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the boys' shared bathroom
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elio's room
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oliver's room

The movie is capturing all the beauty and the nonchalent lenght of the Italian summer and is filmed in a way that makes you loose yourself and wonder if weither time stopped or, in the contrary, is just flying by. You feel the same rush as Elio and Oliver and if at the beginning summer seems endless, you quickly realize that everyday, every hour matters, and while the two main characters spend their days visiting, biking, dancing, talking, discovering themselves and getting to know each other, you slowly get this feeling that no other movie had ever given me : that no matter how many days are left, it'll never be enough.

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elio and oliver visiting a town
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elio reading
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elio and oliver dancing
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Even if the growing tension between Elio and Oliver is the most important part of the movie, Elio's parents get many scenes and play a huge role in the global message and atmosphere of the movie. Elio's family is very united and the three Perlman communicate and seem to have a very loving, caring and open minded relationship and Elio's parents really add a sweet felling to the bitter-sweet movie that is Call me by your name.

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elio and his parents reading a story that'll play a major role in elio's evolution

Another important character is Marzia, a young parisian who elio flirts with throughout summer and who helps him experience some things for the first time. Marzia is part of the "bitter" side of the movie because she thinks Elio will hurt her but loves him to much to stay away from him. She is both innocent, wild and attractive and really embodies what young love is, passionate but harsh.

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The main subject of the movie of course, is still the romance that slowly settles between oliver and elio. Lost in their mutual feelings, scared to tell each other what they feel , both men almost seem to play with each other for a while, never saying anything too obvious but still spending hours together, in the constant tension existing between them. Elio has never loved a guy before and at first and thinks that oliver doesn't like him at all, before realizing in the middle of the movie that his feelings are shared. The two love and desire each other in a way that makes those two feelings work together in a very clear way, even if it stays poetic, beautiful and true. Their story isn't presented as a "gay love story", but simply as the emergence of sensations and feeling between two people, that handle their perfect intimacy in their own imperfect and therefore, unique and breathtaking way. The characters have flaws, they are insecure, they get mad, jealous, they doubt and all those elements make their love story both timeless and incredibly sweet. Their romance has this "too good to be true" side that you experience when you love and are loved back and the tempo of their story makes it even more perfect. "Call me by your name" is about those rare and precious moments where two souls work together so perfectly that time seems to stop for them, before hours start feeling like seconds and before life makes them realize they don't have much time. It is about those short, yet lifelong stories that change people, give them things they will always remember but push them to search all their lives for something they know they'll never experience again. Elio and Oliver are different and they don't work out at first, but their love is so obvious that it seems as natural as breathing. It leaves you wanting more and praying to feel the same once in your life, even if you know it hurts and shows how incredibly rare and beautiful love is. the entire movie feels like falling in love.

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elio doubting
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elio and oliver hugging with great passion
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Lastly, Call me by your name is a movie that leaves you heartbroken and in love, feeling like a whole actual summer just happened and that stays in your head and hearts because it makes you question yourself and feel nostalgic about things you never lived, or at least not exactly the same. It is extraordinary strong because it talks about a very common thing : the awakening of desire and feelings, but with a relevance and a simple beauty that makes you want to watch it all over again. The story it tells is timeless, genderless and the way love is described makes you see all the things it brings you and all the things it takes from you. The musics are the last asset of the movie and give off the same bitter sweet nostalgia you get from loved memories that once hurt you when they ended, but still make you want to reexperience their beauty. "Call me by your name" is a masterpiece and I know I will watch it a billion times in my life and still fall in love with it everytime as if it was the first.