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For those of you new here, I'm Selene (@spiritfully) and today's article is on the #ShowThatSmile Project made by Mimi (@sparkles_and_smiles). For more info on the project/tag and how you can join, click on the link to the article below!

Who am I?

My name is Selene Shimizu; I am 18 years old and Japanese. I live in California, USA and the Tokyo (depending on the time of the year). I'm an infp, chaotic neutral, and a dreamy idealist. I love listening to music and doing makeup, and am an amateur mua in my spare time. Currently, I am majoring in law at the University of Southern California where I'm in the sorority Kappa Alpha Theta.

What makes me happy?

Spending time with my friends and boyfriend of 3 years makes me the happiest. Even though I'm generally pretty extroverted, when I'm around them I feel like I can let loose and be myself. They make me feel loved and cared for and I'm really lucky to have them.

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What do I love about myself?

My ability to forgive and move on. I don't think it's conducive to a healthy lifestyle or healthy relationships to stew in your feelings and hold grudges. I think it's better to let go and leave your problems in the past. If you truly cannot move on from the problem I feel like it's better to cut the toxic part/person out of your life rather than forgiving them, and simply move on by yourself.

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Am I confident?

Yes and no. I used to be more shy and introverted, but as I grew up I began to branch out and socialize more, throwing out the constraining expectations of beauty in society and started the process of loving myself. Am I fully confident now? Not yet. But will I get there eventually? Definitely. I may not truly love myself yet but I don't think I'm ugly, and I won't put myself down for the small things that I used to and in that I think I'm beautiful.

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✰ What's my favorite part of my body?

I love my lips and my eyes the most. I think it's a hateful stereotype that Asians, especially Japanese and Chinese, have small eyes. I feel that my eyes, almond-shaped and cat-like are beautiful and not small whatsoever. My lips are small and rosebud-like, but they're a part of me and my smile, and for that I love them.

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✰ Any tips for other girls?

I know this sounds cliché but love yourself & love your body. Nobody else is you, you are unique and beautiful. There is no need to compare yourself to others or compete with others because each person is lovely in their own way.

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✰ Who am I tagging to do this next?

that's all babes! see you all next time xx

lots of love,
selene 🌹

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