Hey! So I'm going to do the #CollectionChallenge (as you may have already noticed) created by


For this first day I'll start with my collection named "My Aesthetic".

What is it about?

I made this collection to add images that identify me, my thoughts, feelings, style (clothes), stuff that I would like to own, and, well, my aesthetic in general.

sky, friends, and grunge image Image by alexbtb

It also includes some my favourite stuff, like colours, song lyrics, clothes, quotes, or even people.

fashion, skirt, and black image music, happy, and sad image

Why did I create it?

I created it so I would, maybe, find people that have the same thoughts, etc., as me. It also helps to get to know me better, you can see a big piece of myself in this collection.

Inspiring Image on We Heart It quotes, black, and aesthetic image

Favourite Images

Nevermind, grunge, and quotes image Temporarily removed rose, red, and black image funny image love, funny, and quotes image brown, dog, and dogs image
The last image is my dog btw

Favourite Articles

So I guess that's all, thank you for reading.
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