Hello lovely people,
today I want to speak about something more serious, to help you, obviously.
When you are young, it happens that If you aren't in peace with yourself, appear some problems. If you are not a person who trusts others, maybe, you won't find the way to escape from them. But here I am to give you some advices.
The problems are with:

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Oh, baby, baby, so many things to say. If you force yourself not to eat, If you are obsessed with calories, If you do workout everyday non-stop, If you don't like your body and see yourself in the mirror hoping tomorrow you will be another person, thinner, you have some problems with food. It's okay, darling, to eat healthy, well, instead of not to eat. You know, If you skip your meals your metabolism slow down and you haven't the energy to do something. So, beautiful, wonderful baby, look at yourself in the mirror and say you are lovely, nice and pretty, amazing, because that's it. You are enough, beautiful just the way you are. Trust me. You are unique with your normal physicality, with all your curves and imperfections. Don't waste your youth, honey, you deserve only good things. Make your future better. You can.


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If you don't see something beautiful in your life and you can not image your brilliant future, you need to talk with someone, or think. You need to be loved. Start today to change your life. It's easier than it seems. Plan your days, program your future, schedule your goals. Then go out with friends, stay in nature, breathe and be free. Do something you really like, stay with the people you love. Give yourself time. You are growing, you are learning. Smile, laugh and have fun. The sun will arrive for you, even though you can not see it.


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Not so many things to say, because If you are stressed, go away, travel, find an escape, relax. It's normal to be a little bit anxious for school, but not stress yourself too much. You can do everything, what you want. It takes time, patience and sacrifices, but you can do this baby.

There are also other problems, and, If you like this article, I'll speak about them.
You are always a universe, a unique flower. Shine, darling, I believe in you.
Love you,