My Tail

mermaid, sea, and ocean image mermaid, ocean, and tail image
gold but changes color

My Hair

hair, black, and hairstyle image girl, water, and summer image
long and black

My Makeup

cosmetics, fashion, and makeup image Image removed lips, makeup, and lipstick image amazing, girls, and girly image
gold&rose gold sparkles

My Crown

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
depends on the day

My Home

beach, lagoon, and ocean image sea, blue, and ocean image
the beautiful deep blue

I hope you enjoyed my article on 'If I Were A...Mermaid' !! This article is a collab with my best friend Rebecca! Go follow her @rebeccagsmith and check out her take on the 'if I Were A...Mermaid' challenge.
All the love xx Priscilla