hello people, it is i.

after graduating, i noticed i was kinda slacking off when it came to waking up early, getting stuff done etc.
recently, i watched a video by a youtuber (i lost the links guys, but i think she was an artist i'm not sure tho) how she tried to get used to so-called good morning habits, so i thoguht to myself, why not try?

~ making your bed and letting in the sun ~

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the first habit i 'trained' myself was making my bed as soon as i got up. my room is pretty small, so it seems tidier as soon as the bedsheets are done! Also, as soon as the bed is made, i don't feel the urge to lay down any more, which leads me to wanting to do something! also letting in the sun/light wherever i am right now makes the mroning much more enjoyable - so open up your blinds and curtains!

~ healthy breakfast/ daily fruit intake~

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my mom recently bought a smoothie maker, so now (i shit you not!) every morning i make myself a smoothie out of frozen and fresh fruits! It doesn't only taste good and refreshing, but it also covers your daily vitamin/fruit intake! If you don't have the chance to make yourself any smoothies at home, you can buy them bottled up at the grocery store, or at least try to include some kind of fruits in your breakfast.

It makes SUCH a difference for me, i feel fresh and energized after my breakfast!

~ cleaning up ~

i started to clean up afteer myself immediately after i had breakfast and also include the whole kitchen area, not only where i ate. when i see that the kitchen area is messy, i clean it up, sometimes even before breakfast. eating in a dirty environment is just uncomfortable and a clean environment just feels much better.

~ skin care routine ~

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okay so this step is very dear to me because my skin has been acting up recently. also i feel like i have my life under control when i'm taking care of myself - gotta show a bit of love to your body amiright.
i wash my face with a foam cleanser, tone and moisturise, brush my teeth etc.

~change your clothes ~

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so this is something the youtuber mentioned and it makes so much sense?
we all have days where we just slip into our comfiest clothes or just spend the whole day in our pajamas. but if you really have to get some work done, you gotta dress accordingly to that! get into a clean shirt, a pair of jeans, do your hair, even do your make up if it helps. i personally have some clothes i always wear at home now, that are super comfy, but i also could go outside in them.

that basically concludes everything. i hope you liked this article ♥