Hi everybody!
We’re looking for new people for the #WHITheRevolution group!

Today we’re doing something special, as this is your chance to apply to join our group. Normally we look for new people on the site that we feel will fit in WTR but now’s your chance to apply yourself. We want to give people that opportunity so we’ll be able to see everyone who would like to join, instead of looking around ourselves and only finding a small amount of people. It’s not that people have left the group, but we’re always looking for new members that would be an amazing addition to the group, hence this article.

If you have no idea what #WHITheRevolution is, you can read the article here:

Here are the current members of WHITheRevolution:

What is WTR?
#WHITheRevolution is a movement on WHI that originates from September 2017, where we demanded a change on WHI. However, WTR is also a really close friend group that consists of over 20 wonderful people that are all in one group chat. We have many inside jokes and also happen to come together for change on the site we all love and use every day: WeHeartIt. We’re from all over the world and next to meeting new people, it’s also a great way to learn about new cultures and helping to create change on WHI.

Pros of joining WTR:

  • New friends, yay!
  • All the inside jokes
  • Supportive friends
  • Kim’s (@music_infinity) face on Snapchat
  • Besides meeting people from all over the world, you’ll probably meet people from your country/people who speak your mother tongue
  • You hear from Fabio every once in a while and sometimes get the chance to talk to him
  • Calls with internet friends #goals
  • You’ll get a bunch of new followers/friends on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.
  • You have a whole group of people you can talk to about issues on the site
  • There’ll always be people who fangirl over the same things
  • You get to know more about fellow bloggers!!

Cons of joining WTR:

  • We spam your phone and on bad days you could have 1K unread messages
  • Very time-consuming
  • It can take a while to learn people’s names (There’s over 20 members)
  • The drama (it doesn’t happen often, but when it does it’s quite a doozy)

People who apply:

  • Have to be able to communicate in English
  • Must have a Gmail account
  • Are active users of WHI (you don’t need to be active every single day, but you should try to be as active as you can)
  • Are ambitious and passionate about WHI and care about making it a better site overall
  • Must not be rude
  • Have a Snapchat account (but is not needed, it’s just that we have a Snap group chat too lol)

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, great! Here’s how you apply:

Message this account (@WHITheRevolution) saying that you’re interested.
In your message, you give the following:

  • Explanation of why you’d like to join WTR
  • Some basic info about yourself (name, age, country)

Higher chance: send us an article about yourself so we get to know more about you :) Examples are a letter by letter challenge, 13 facts about me tag, etc.

Rules in general for people who want to apply:

  • Must not plagiarize (we will check)
  • Must share name/age/country (we don’t want weird people in the group)
  • Don’t gossip/talk crap about other users during the entry period
  • Don’t spam
  • Don’t message spam
  • Don’t repost like crazy
  • Don’t talk crap about us…

What can get your application disqualified: changing usernames (and not saying anything, if you’re going to change usernames please message us so we know and can actually message you if we want to add you), following-unfollowing-following, being rude to others, (unspoken rules: copycats, plagiarism)

That’s all you have to do, good luck with applying!

You have until the 6th of April to apply and we will announce our new members on the 8th, so stay tuned :)
If you have any questions regarding the application, don’t be afraid to message us.

If you’re unable to message us (we know that this an issue some users have), you can mail your application to whitherevolution@gmail.com.

An important note here is that we don’t plan on picking an X amount of people, we’ll pick all people we think will fit in the group & are passionate about WeHeartIt like us. This means that the number of people we’re adding could fluctuate a lot; it could be 4 WHI-users, 7 users or even 1. Do mind though that we’re already with 25 members, so don’t expect us to pick over new 20 members out of a sudden.

Love, #WHITheRevolution

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