"Write about your passions."

I've saved this one because I knew it would take a while.

At the end of my AP Euro class last year, our teacher gave us an entire class of life lessons. Mr. Denslow had always been really motivational. So many things he's said from the time I had him in Freshman year, until that day, have changed my world view. The one thing I'd like to touch on right now is his rule of threes. "Think of everything in life as threes. This way, if one of your legs falls, you have two more to thrust yourself into (and four is just too many to dip your toes into)."

He said this last June. I went from June to December without feeling that my third was complete. I was always a big writer in elementary school, and wrote my first novel in sixth grade. Before that, I would do short screenplays for my friends and I. My first novels were all Harry Potter fan fiction. Then came music. I'd always sang and loved the music my parents played in the car. In fourth grade, I'd listen to music with my siblings and develop favorites. In fifth grade, I got an MP3, which my brother put all his music on, and that became my only library. But in seventh grade, the world became my library. I found bands on my own. I pirated music by myself. I adopted a sense of musical identity that was all my own. But high school became a blur of searching for that final puzzle piece. Being a band geek is still a part of me, but it was never enough to fill the void. The small amounts of anime I watch are never enough to be a true otaku. But then, I found it. I found figure skating.

Like writing and music, I'd always carried a part of it with me. I'd watched the winter olympics countless times with my grandpa. I'd even recieved my own pair of ice skates, but never really followed through. But this year, after watching Yuri on Ice admittedly, I picked them up again. I went to the shitty school rink and public skates and forced myself to just move on them. I've paid for lessons and better skates and practice ice by myself. I work out every day just to get those spirals. My third prong feels complete.

My personality works in threes as well, and I can easily say that my passions align with those. There's Mark, my leo, my ascendent. He's my brash side that doesn't give a shit what anyone thinks or who's feelings he hurts. He's my masculine side. He's my anger. He is my arrogance. He represents the music side of me, being punk.

Then there's my Marina. My virgo, my moon sign. My sensitive side. My self concious and humble side. She's the mother in me and all my femininity. She makes everything around her pretty and come to life. She is friendly and charming and the reason I am a fairly popular person. She is also my sadness and my sympathy. She represents the skater in me.

But then there's Mallory (my real name). She is my libra, my sun sign. She is gray and hardworking and relentless. She feels almost genderless. She is a creature of habit, fairly boring, and much quieter than the other two. Being so gray herself, she paints the world around her, through writing.

None of these things can exist without the other. My skating wouldn't be my own without my punk music. My music feels (and had felt before) purposeless without my skating. And my writing draws subjects from my music and skating.

These aren't just my passions; they're my purpose. They're my identity.