• Trigger warning: Talk of depression, suicide. Don't read if you get triggered by talking of this

People should be like headphones. In a way. You know how when your headphones are about to fall, or are falling, and you rush to catch them? That should be people, too. If I make sense. See, people who are falling or are about to fall, want to be caught. They want someone to know, and that person protect them as much as they can. But people don't do that. They just let them fall, regardless if they know or not. Then when the fallen one finds their own way of solving the problem, the person they wanted to catch them always thinks to themselves, " What could I have done?" You could have caught them, or at least tried to. Please, please catch someone.

  • This article is not meant to offend, or hurt anyone. If it did, I apologize.Cover photo credit to @Yane1845