depression is something i have struggled with for a long time, these are some of the things that i have found help.

surround yourself with positive people:

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surrounding yourself with people who love and support you is very important. if you are surrounded by people who aren't willing to listen and support you, its going to be very hard to recover

talk to someone:

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i know this seems obvious but talking to someone about how you feel is so so important. letting your feelings build up inside you will only make it worse.

be open:

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be open to trying new things that other people advise. somethings may seem stupid or weird, but they can help.

do more of what you love:

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whether its painting, reading, singing, etc, take the time to do the things you love or try new things!

take care of yourself:

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whether it taking a shower, washing your face, going out with family or friends, or taking trips, doing things for yourself is important and its not selfish to take care or your mind and body and soul.

hope you liked this article and i hope this helps you in some way! feel free to message me! much love, kait xxx