Hey guys,
everyone knows the city that never sleeps,the capital of the world: NEW YORK CITY!

Autuum 2016 I wen`t there with my family, so I can say by myself how huge and impressive this little spot on the earth is. The Central Park, The Empire State Building, all those fashion labels...

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But NYC is not just the great city we know from "Sex and the City" or other movies. It`s also a city with problems of homeless people and air pollution. People often seem to forget this.
But I don`t want to focus on the bad things . Let`s stay with the good ones!
Before I got there I thought people there are mean because they`re keeping up with their own buissnes and messing with their own problems,
and when you stand on the streets it feels like you`re just one of a million, but to my surprise most of the New Yorkers were very nice and helped us with little problems like buying the right ticket for the uber.
So the first thing I learned, not only for travelling but also for life, is that prejudices just prevent you from nice adventures and if you are kind the most people respond in the same way .

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The city so nice they named it twice : "New York, New York"
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At the time we were standing in NY wasn`t the greatest weather so the second thing I learned was to never let you stop from exploring this world by something like that. You will only miss something great!

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The third thing New York City taught me, was that you have to explore cities by your own `cause the heart and spirit of each city you only experience this way and not by watching movies.

So I hope that one day you will visit NYC. It`s worth it, I promise!!!!