Hi everyone, I hope that everything goes well for you ☼

Today I just wanna share some of my studying tips because all of these things help me so much and the end of the year is not so far from us anymore so I think that it can be useful.

First, let's talk about music ! I love music so much, it's impossible for me to live one day without listening my playlist. But the problem is that when I study, I cannot help but sing the songs that I know by heart so it's a bit difficult for me to focus.
But then, I discovered some playlist on youtube which are awesome for being totally focus on what you're learning or writing.

✧ Here are some of my favorites:
-Lonely Nights - Chillstep Mix by Pulse8
-ESCAPE - A Beautiful Chill Mix by Pulse8
-Runaway - Beautiful Ambient Mix by BLUME
-happy songs for lonely people by the bootleg boy

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Which is also cool with these mix is the their duration, you can study with it for an hour and then make a break.

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Also, I think is good to do a little reminder about the organisation.
You will be more productive if you are in a clean space and if your note books have a good looking, so use different colors, drawings or whatever makes your notes more attractive for you.
You can also make a list with all the homework you have to do, even if it's in a long time, at least they will be done.

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People always have a different way of learning and I think it's important for everyone to know when you are the most effective. Some people prefer to work just after school but others are more focused when they work later, maybe even a little late. For my part, I like to learn when everybody sleeps, everything is calmer and I can be more focused on my homework. So don't stress if you can't work immediately, just find your ideal time.

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And finally, try to read your lessons every day, just before you go to sleep, it will be very helpful when you will have a test or a lesson more on the subject that you have read yesterday.

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I think that's all, just remind yourself to rest too, learn to rest not to quit.
You're not determined by your grades, if you are satisfied and if you know that you're doing your best, everything will be fine.

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Thank you for reading my article, have a good day/night ☆