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1. My eyes are green.

I don't really like them but it's ok cuz green eyes are the rarest and that makes me feel special sometimes

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2. My birthday is on January 30th.

But I hate winter 😁

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3. I have a twin sis.

We are identical, she's 5 minutes older. We dress the same a lot without planning it, also twin telepathy is real😎 (it's really creepy sometimes)

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4. My fav sports are soccer and gymnastics

I thought about becoming a professional soccer player when I was younger but I wasn't confident enough to try out to get on a team (I would most definitely make it tho)

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5. I love learning languages.

I'm fluent in two languages but I'm learning 3 more (one of them is Spanish)
I love it because it gives you so many opportunities in life you can go anywhere you want and you'll be able to communicate with people without any trouble. Besides I would like to travel a lot in the future.

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6. I have a dog.

His name is KJ, he's about 10 months he's a Jack Russell Terrier and he's the cutest doggo on the planet I love him so much 😍

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This isn't him but he has the same ears

7. My fav colors are blue, red and black.

beach, sea, and sky image Image by Lucian Image by 🤦🏻‍♀️ maqafa 🤦🏻‍♀️

8. My fav Tv Show is FRIENDS.

I recommend it, it's really funny (makes me lough even when I'm sad). My favorite character is Chandler. Monica is the one I relate to the most (bc I have a tiny obsession with cleaning😬)

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9. My first destination if I would ever travel abroad

Santa Monica- Los Angeles
Maybe it's basic but I just love this place, in fact I have a big painting of the Pier in my room.

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10. My fav artists

My favorite rapper is G-Eazy fav song- "Let's get lost"
Fav band - Guns N' Roses fav songs-"Sweet Child O' Mine" and "Knockin' On Heavens Door"

g-eazy and geazy image husband, lets get lost, and g-eazy image fashion, aesthetic, and jeans image axl rose, Guns N Roses, and music image

P.S The pictures ARE NOT MINE
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