hi people, it is i.

you probably don't know me but that's okay i guess
i feel like my music taste is bomb af ( oof i'm so arrogant) and also pretty diverse since i listen to almost everything depending on my mood...
that's why i decided to bless y'all with my march playlist, since i finally started sorting my music in monthly playlists !!

my last two playlist articles:

current favs from december and my soft kpop playlist, part 2 is coming soon!

first my fav songs of the month

  • best friend by rex orange county
  • action! by dpr live
  • mystery of love by sufjan stevens
  • city of stars from la la land (i didn't even watch the movie, but the song is 10/10, so dreamy)
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  • national anthem by lana del rey
  • walking on a dream by empire of the sun
  • young presidents by someone still loves you boris yeltsin
  • girl crush by harry styles (issa spotify session cover he did)
  • sunday by groovyroom feat. heize & jay park
  • dreams come true by wjsn
  • black dress by clc
  • comes and goes by hyukoh
  • thanks by seventeen
  • god's plan by drake
  • the less i know the better by tame impala
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the playlist contains over 50 songs, but i'm not gonna list every song! you can check out the playlist on spotify yourself!


thanks for reading this article, i hope you liked my playlist! as already mentioned, i'm working on a part 2 for the soft kpop playlist, since you guys liked it that much! thanks you so much again, lots of love ♥