There are lots of unbelievably beautiful movies. I tried to stray away from the well-known movies that everyone has seen (like Moulin Rouge, Atonement, The Great Gatsby, anything Wes Anderson and such)

Bright Star

bright star, flowers, and abbie cornish image flowers, bright star, and garden image beautiful, bright star, and buterfly image Image removed

The Flowers of the War

Image removed the flowers of war, shu juan, and xinyi zhang image Mature image Temporarily removed

The Painted Veil

edward norton, naomi watts, and the painted veil image the painted veil image edward norton and the painted veil image Image removed

Nowhere Boy

A different type of beauty from the other movies to give you something to choose from. This is more of a stylish movie. Well, if nothing else, in this movie Aaron Taylor-Johnson is rocking his James Potter moment to the fullest, and if that isn't beautiful, I don't know what is.

nowhere boy, Paul McCartney, and boy image film and nowhere boy image aaron johnson image film and nowhere boy image


Yet again, a different type of beauty. Neon lights exposing real life monsters.

helter skelter image amazing, aqua, and aquarium image helter skelter image Temporarily removed


Yet again, a bit different. Here the beauty is on Monica Belucci.

Mature image Temporarily removed malena image Mature image

The Invisible Woman

Felicity Jones, ralph fiennes, and the invisible woman image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed blonde, Felicity Jones, and the invisible woman image

Easy Virtue

backless, blond, and earings image Mature image jessica biel and easy virtue image Temporarily removed

Might be a bit more popular than the other movies, but I decided if I added Aaron Taylor-Johnson at his James Potter-finest, why not add Ben Barnes in all his Sirius Blackness.

Notable mention (the movie that you probably have seen, but I can't not promote it further):


Amy Adams, arrival, and film still image arrival and movie image arrival and movie image Temporarily removed