These have no specific order, in like "best to okay", just the ones I think of first (((:

I love these movies because every time I watch one, I go on a self-care craze, and want to change my appearance, which in these cases, for me is a good thing.

1. Mean Girls.

Of course this has to be on here, it's a classic.
Cady (the main character) goes from "homeschooled freak" to "total plastic" to "totally hated" to a normal human being in the end, realizing she doesn't need to be better than anyone else to live a happy, high-school life.
At first, Cady doesn't wear any makeup whatsoever, and hardly tries in her appearance, and in the end, she wears makeup, and somewhat tries, (just not too much) because she realizes she likes it.

2. Clueless.

Ah, a personal favorite of mine.
Cher is a popular teenage girl, who takes on a "Clueless" new girl at her school, Tai.
Her, and her best friend Dionne take her on, and give her a makeover.
Tai eventually becomes a popular "mean girl". But eventually she comes to her senses, and it all turns out okay in the end. (:

3. Wish Upon a Star.

Now, this movie is definitely not as well known as Clueless and Mean Girls, but it's a great movie.

Starring Katherine Heigl, Hayley and Alexia Wheaton are opposite sisters.
Alexia is the most popular of the school, and Hayley is the whiz kid, on the lower level. The sisters do NOT get along.
When Hayley makes a wish on a shooting star one night, to become her sister, they wake up the next morning, in each other's bodies.
Day one of bodies switched, Hayley tries her best to be the beautiful and stylish Alexia, while Alexia just stays home from school "sick".
Day two, they have a fight, and the two destroy each other's lives.
But in day three, they finally find out how amazing they both are, and how they can get along. Hayley teaches Alexia, and she get's better grades, While Alexia teaches Hayley how to get a guy, and be stylish.
They both learn from each other, and they are switched back to normal, right before their big school dance.

4. Don't tell Mom: The babysitter's dead.

Hands down ALSO one of my complete favorites. (All of these are my favorites, but you know those few you just love more than others)
This movie is hilarious.
In a family of 5 children, a single mom is tired.
She goes off on Vacation with her new boyfriend for a few months during summertime, with an evil babysitter.
The babysitter is an old lady, who dies in her sleep, and the kids flip out.
What are they going to do?
They end up dropping her off at a funeral home, in secret, with the kids' whole fund for food and anything extra for the 3 months, with the babysitter's body.
They can't go back and get it, so the oldest, who I believe is 17?
Goes to work at a Clothing Industry.
But she lied in her resume about all her previous jobs and experience, and even her age.
Along the way, the siblings all learn to be well-behaved, and get along better than ever before.
Toward the end of the movie, her work is planning on throwing a runway party, to show off some of her ideas, at her home.
So her and her siblings transform the disgusting chaotic home, into a beautiful home.
There's more, but I don't wanna spoil it (((;

5. Never Been Kissed

This one has been a favorite of mine for a long time.
Josie Geller is a Geeky Newspaper editor who wants to be a writer.
To prove herself, she takes on a mission.
To go undercover at the local highschool, and get stories on what "The kids are doing these days".
Highschool was a tormenting time for Josie, and she didn't exactly "fit in".
She ends up being pretty popular in her new highschool, and falls in love with one of her teachers. Of course, pretending to be a highschooler, he can't know.
It's a pretty good movie (((: