It is 2018 and YouTubers, Bloggers and Social Media Influencers are everywhere. This is something that has become a career path for many and as there are SO many influencers out there, I thought I would write a post on my favourite ones (so far anyway). Also, as there are so many influencers, it is impossible to know all of them so through this post you might find some new people to love and follow.

I really like the work and content of each and every one of these women, however, I follow each one for a different reason. I do not share the same style with any of them, however, they all have a great sense of style and fashion and they are all very different from one another. They are absolutely beautiful and they truly deserve all the success that has come (or will come) their way.

First, up is Victoria Mcgrath or InTheFrow as she named her brand. Victoria (which I feel weird calling her by her first name, I do not even the women in real life haha😂) has a truly amazing and unique sense of style. She knows what she likes and she follows trends while staying true to herself and what she likes to wear and feel confident in. She is beautiful and even though I obviously do not know her personally she seems like a very nice person. I believe that she is the type of person that is super professional and takes very seriously her work.

I found Victoria first on YouTube (check out her channel) and then through her channel, I discovered her blog as well. I loved her clothing hauls and fashion videos and the main reason I follow her is that I feel like I have learnt so much about fashion through her platforms. I have learned how parts of the industry work but I have also learnt so much about “fashion terms”, how to call different styles, prints, colours, cuts etc. She did study fashion and even has a PhD (which I believe is on consumer behaviour or something like that) so needless to say, she knows what she is talking about.

Also, Victoria’s blog has been a huge help for me while I was trying to set up my own blog. I used it as a guideline and inspiration because a) I loved everything about her blog and b) considering how successful she is in her field, I knew she was a great example to follow to set up my own ‘brand’. I also love to go on her blog and get ideas about things I could write about on my own blog.

Another inspiring woman and new mommy, Sazan Hendrix. Sazan is also a blogger and YouTuber. I actually discovered Sazan less than a year ago (however it feels like I have been following her forever), through a series she did on YouTube on how to start your own blog (The Blogging Business | Be Your Own Boss (BYOB Ep 1)). For anyone interested in starting a blog, I would highly recommend watching her “B.Y.O.B.” series. I honestly found those videos so helpful and I just loved her content from the very beginning. She is so fresh and beautiful and just so different from many other influencers I came across online. I do not read her blog religiously because what I love the most is her YouTube channel. I also really love her Instagram account because she is always on there, engaging with her audience.

She has a great sense of style and I often get inspired by her looks however she is not someone I follow for ‘fashion inspiration’. I follow her because I think she is genuinely a very nice person and I should also mention that she is hilarious!!! She just had a baby around 4 months ago, a little girl called Valentina (also known as “Teeny” on Sazan’s platforms :p ) and both her and her husband are just so funny. They seem so real and genuine and they always make my day with the videos they make together or even just with the stories they upload. They also have a family Instagram account called The Hendrixs and their content is always so fresh and funny and full of “good vibes”. They seem like such a beautiful family and I can only wish them the absolute best.

Aspyn Ovard is one of the very first people I started watching on YouTube and I have been subscribed to her channel for at least 5 years now. Needless to say, she is a YouTuber but she also started her own blog a couple of years ago. Aspyn is much closer to me in age (compared to the previous influencers I mentioned) and even though she is rather young, she has worked very hard to build up her own brand. I believe almost two years ago, Aspyn and her husband opened their online clothing store called Luca + Grae, they have a Vlog Channel where they often upload daily vlogs and on top of that, she is the type of person that is always working on new things, whether they’d be products or services.

Again, Aspyn has a nice sense of style and through her Instagram I can always find some great pieces however her style is very different from mine. The type of videos she makes now for her YouTube channel have drastically changed over the years however this is something to expect when you follow someone for so long. I enjoyed her older videos more but I still like to watch her channel and I can definitely appreciate all the effort she puts into them. The main reason I follow her is simple entertainment. I love watching the daily vlogs, they upload with her husband and I just find their content so ‘easy’ but also fun to watch. Also, since they travel a lot, it is so nice being able to see so many different places through their videos.

Last but not least, Milena Ciciotti. Milena is another young YouTuber and I believe she only started her channel just over a year ago. I came across her channel by chance and the first video I watch of hers was one religion related. I almost instantly fell in love with her character, she seems so real and honest and just like Sazan, I find her hilarious. She is absolutely amazing at doing makeup and she is truly beautiful (with makeup and without). Her content is always fun and entertaining but all while being real.

She mainly does videos on religion, makeup, fashion and occasionally she vlogs. I truly enjoy watching all of her videos and even though I obviously do not know her personally, she really seems like a lovely person. I also really like her mentality, things she says or the ways in which she handles specific situations actually remind me of myself. To me, she seems like the type of person I would actually be friends with if I knew her in real life.

I really love her sense of style because it is simple but it is still ‘her own’. Most of all, however, I admire her decorating skills. I have watched all her vlogs capturing the process of renovating their house with her husband and I was astonished. They did themselves so many things in the house, from changing the floors to painting the cabinets and it turned out amazing. I believe that it truly takes talent to put a house together, pretty much from scratch (as they literally changed pretty much that was in the house previously), and making it look so amazing! Check out her Instagram here.

That is all from me, for now. If you follow any cool people on any platform, please leave me a comment below because I always love finding new influencers to follow.😊👍🏼