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So my name is
☙ C A R O L I N E ❧

1. Songs

Clearest Blue - CHVRCHES

Atlas - Coldplay

Runaway - Aurora

Oceans - Petit Biscuit

La Ciudad - Odesza (+ Lower Your Eyelids To Die With The Sun - M83)

Iron - Woodkid

Never Grow Up - Taylor Swift

Everything At Once - Lenka

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2. Tv shows, books and movies

Cinderella (the live action Disney movie)

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll (my Bible, Torah, Quran, and every other religious text... the Wonderland is my religion)

Robin Hood (Disney's, because I'm in love with Robin, sorry Marian...)

Oliver & Company (Disney's, because this movie is so cute)

Lou!, Julien Neel (a French comic I absolutely loved during my teenage years! I'm still waiting for the last book!)

Inside Out (Disney-Pixar's, because I love learning what's happening in myself and how my body is working)

Narnia (The Chronicles of), C. S. Lewis (all of my childhood, my country...)

Explorations of a Cosmic Soul, Allie Michelle (a poetry book written by a living goddess)

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3. Characteristics









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4. Celebrities or characters

Claire Michelle (the first inspiring vegan soul I followed... I can't say how much I thank her for her brightening and the change she made in my life)

Anne Frank (this brave sweet soul who had dreams like everybody died of typhus at 15 years in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp...)

Rey (my favourite character from Star Wars, I immediately referred to her, I have a deep connection with this character, I find myself in her)

Of Monsters and Men (this. band. omg.)

Luna Lovegood (and Lyra Silvertongue)

Indochine (a pop rock French group, I live with their music in my ears since I was born)

Nadia Damaso (an inspiring and happy woman author and cooker, like whom every woman can be)

Emma Watson (a powerful and inspiring woman, I love her since she is 10)

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5. Random, random and random

Classical ballet (I love this art so much! I would have loved doing it, it's so graceful and emotional...)

Allie, short of Alaska (my nickname given to my soul by myself)

Ravenclaw (I'm a proud Hogwarts eagle!)

Organization (don't think I'm organized, I'm a complete mess when it comes to organize something...)

Lavender (one of my favourite scent, with vanilla)

Introspection (I love understanding and thinking about how human beings works and think, especially me)

Nature (I absolutely love wild nature and animals)

Equality (I am a feminist who believe in the equality of rights of all living beings)

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I had some difficulties with some letters as some are not often used (like the i), but I did the best I could to match my personality!

I invite everyone who read this article to do it too! It would be so funny!

Radiating Love!

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