• I’ve changed so much since the heartbreak.
I used to smile all the time, knowing he loved my laughs, but when he broke my heart I felt like every laugh, smile or happy moment were all fake, and maybe they were. My life was all a blur of moments, not happy or sad, just moments.
My whole world revolved around him, and wen he left, my world stopped turning, the sun didn’t shine, the moon wasn’t as anymore, and sleeping was amazing because it meant not dealing with real life.
• But I’ve changed even more since I fell in love again
I fell in love with curly hair, glasses, brown eyes and some freckles.
I fell in love with sunrises and punk music. I fell in love with loving parents and fun friends, I fell in love with good grades and tulips in the spring. I fell in love with selfies in the movies, pics of every burger I ate.
I fell in love with my life, I remembered I was at the top of my game before he showed up and I assumed my position as the boss of my world again.

So, when he came back into my life as just a friend I knew better than to open my heart again, I still like to have him in my life, wave at him sometimes and saying hi at my friends’ parties, but I don’t live for him anymore.
I live for me and for the bright future ahead of me