Why do we fall in love? I want to know why it's so easy for us to fall in love but to forget about them, it takes a lifetime.

I feel so stuck in this world where we fall in love just to wallow in self-pity, worried that they would never love me as much as I love them. I want to be able to forget about certain people and move on, I can't do this anymore when I know I love him but he doesn't give a single shit about me.

Why do we fall in love just to watch the one we love to fall in love with someone else, finding their happily ever after in another person like they didn't know I liked them?

I can't hold a normal conversation with you because, in the end, I'm scared you're going to find out I like you. I can't even stand near you because I'm scared that you don't like me even as a friend.

All my friends are your friends but when it comes to me, I'm a stranger. Why do we fall in love when we turn into strangers when I can't look you in the eyes?

Why do we fall in love, knowing that it's one-sided and this isn't a Nicholas Sparks movie and are bound to lead a life full of sadness and in solitude?

Why do we fall in love knowing that we are too young for this and there are 7 billion people in this world and anyone of them could be our match?

Do we fall in love because we crave the attention?

Do we fall in love because we want what our parents have?

Do we fall in love because we need someone to know us like the back of their hands?

Do we fall in love because we don't want to be alone in a world full of couples, showing us what we cant have?

Hey angels! This article is a bit weird because I had to spill all my thoughts here because they've been plaguing me for a long time and I want to be able to understand a concept that no one will fully ever know love. The perspective is all over the place, I'm sorry but if you need to get rid of some thoughts plaguing you mind then use the hashtag, #spilledthoughts, to get rid of it and message me if you do do it so I can check it out. Obviously, I didn't do this in order to get others to do it but it's my way of trying to get my shit together. If you do like these of articles then make sure to heart this and message me so I can do this often.

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