Hi guys, I'm so sorry i haven't written in a while, i've been going through a lot of stuff. Today i'm gonna talk about something that is very important. This can be seen as a trigger, so don't read it if you feel it may be for you. Please do not leave hate, as I have personally chosen to write about this and it was a very hard decision.

I have lived with anxiety since I was around 5 years old. It started when I was in reception and i was getting bullied. This made me feel very insecure and would frequently have anxiety attacks about silly little things, like going to school or eating lunch, because I thought people would judge me, even on the way I ate my sandwich or chewed, which I still do now. This has continued up until now, I am now 15. Living with anxiety is so hard, you can lose sleep over it and feel emotions you really don't want to.

This leads me onto my next point, depression.

I was diagnosed with depression a lot more recently, when I was around 12/13. My mum took me to the doctors when she thought I had lost interest in life in general, which is true. I would sit at home all day, just laying in bed or watching some crap on the TV. I was put through counselling, for both my anxiety and depression. The doctor recommended anti- deperessants recently, as i was having an "episode", although it really never goes away, you just have better days than others sometimes, it doen't mean you're "cured" or "it's gone away". This has also made me feel emotions I really have not enjoyed.

I hope you enjoyed this article, I know it's really not a happy one but i thought its better to be honest!

over and out,
lots of love
Grace xox
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