Favorite Female Character

Cheryl Blossom

I love her and i really think she is misunderstood. She is a strong woman that stands her ground. And eventhough everyone will think she is just the mean girl she can be very kind.

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Sorry, to interupt sad breakfast club.

Favorite Male Character

Jughead Jones

I like jughead because he is very honest and fights for what he believes in. He is a very smart guy.

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There is no such thing as control.There is only chaos.

Least Favorite Female

Veronica Lodge. I know a lot of people love her but i don't know. She annoys me. She is kinda on the bad path right now, i liked her more the first season.

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I don't follow rules, i make them.

Least Favorite Male

Hiram Lodge

He just sucks and turns others against each other. You cannot trust him and he is a men of playing games.

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Who is your favorite parent?

FP or Alice Cooper. FP cause he is just a badass dad that really cares about his son and will always protect him. And Alice cause i like the fact that she used to be a serpent and that she doesn't take shit. And she maybe isn't always right but she means it good.

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Who is your least favorite parent?

Penelope Blossom, she is awfull and crazy af. She has no heart and i feel so bad for Cheryll. She is cold like ice.

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Who do you ship?

I love Cheryll and Toni cause dammit they both pretty af and just the cutest ever. I just love my babiesss. I also ship JP and Alice Cooper cause yea i just cannot help it okay...?

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Before you knew who killed Jason who did you think did it?

I was that weirdo that believed he still was alive...

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