Helloo everyone !
In this article I want to write about the things what I'm doing in my free time.

▾1. Reading a book
Mostly in my free time I'm reading books so thats's why its the first point 😁

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▾ 2. Playing board games with my family
I think board games are the best invention in the world. It's really makes you a bit calm and happy even if you're loosing the game :D

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▾ 3. Watching movie or series
You can spend your time comfy with popcorn in front of a very good movie or your favourite series.. Here few of my favourite movies

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▾4. DIY
I love making crafs for my bedroom. There are many good blogs on internet which have cool ideas for making decorations.

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▾ 5. Playing with my dog
Fluffy (my dogs name) love playing with her ball so we have really good time together outside. When its rainy we also going outside to play but after this she needs a huge bath with soap.

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▾6. Baking something
I always looking for new recipes on web when I have free time and of course I try to bake it. Last time I baked banana bread. Unfortunately i put a little bit more sugar so it was too sweet but everyone liked it.:)

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▾ 7. Walking in the city center
I'm living in this city 17 years and I still find new places which I've never seen before. Sometimes I grab coffee from my fav caffé and I'm just chilling, walking around the buildings. If I grab a book with me I'm sitting on a bench and reading until my Mom call me that ts too late and I need to go home. 😅

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