It's the worst kind of pain isn't it, the pain you experience when you lose someone you fell for? No injury can really cause as much hurt and suffering as a heart that is missing its other half.

I still have the memories of you and me. I remember so many of our moments of laughter, sadness and happiness. I remember when we shared secrets and bottles of wine. I remember when we ate good food and planned our successful and bright future. There was never a day that I didn't want to see you on. You always cheered me up. No matter how angry or sad I was. As we spent more and more time together, I actually learned to miss your star eyes.

I found it funny that you sometimes apologized me for not being good at giving advice or support. You never realized that just the fact that you cared, just the fact that you were there for me, was enough.

However the past doesn't hurt me the worst. It's the bright future that I think we could've had, that makes me tear up. It's all the success and happiness we could've built for ourselves. It's all the fun we could've had on the dance floor, at the clubs of our capital. You would've laughed at my dance skills and I would've admired yours.