Hey Mistakes

Today i'm writing about my celebrity crushes. I should write 3 of them, but i decided that i give you 6. Three men and three women. Here we go.

Michael B Jordan - when i first saw him, in the chronicle, i thought he looks cool. Then That Awkward Moment, Fantastic Four and Creed. But when i saw him in a Black panter a literally fell in love. And the 73 questions for vogue with him show how kind he is.

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Ollie Sykes - singer from Bring me the horizon. Looove him, his voice(Deathbeds still makes me stop thinking), style but also a honesty when he is talking about something. And his tattoos of course!

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Jay Hernandez - When i first saw him in the Lol, i was really young, i was probably like 12 and from the all of the hot actors in the movie i like him the most. And when i saw him in a suicide squad, as El Diablo, i fell in love again with him.

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Emily Ratajkowski - literally she's goals in everything.

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Allegra Shaw - She is my favorite youtuber. I love her style, personatily and she is such a cutie. You should definitely check her channel.

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Hannah Pixie Snowdon -tattoo artist, who was married to Ollie. She looks like a literal goddess.

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And here are my not really real crushes.

Kirito - from anime Sword art online. He is such a protective and loving boy. Kirito and Asuna are for me a #couplegolas.

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Park - from book Eleanor and Park. I can't tell you much about him, just read the book and you'll see.

book, eleanor & park, and eleanor and park image Image by Majo ️

Sasuke - from Naruto. How can you not have a crush on him?

sasuke, naruto, and anime image naruto and sasuke image

Hope you liked it and have a nice day.
XOXO Mistakes