Hello darlings

I just realized that I've had WeHeartIt for a good bit yet I've never properly introduce myself. So, I thought I'd finally seriously do so with this 30 day challenge. I want to thank to @venysa for inspiring me with their articles and @TypicalGirl48 for actually creating this challenge. Here's the link for those that would like to do this.

List 20 random facts about yourself

1). I was born in Dublin, Ireland but I now live in America
2). I'm biracial, black & white.
3). When I was a kid I hated my name(Billie) as I felt it was so boyish
4). I have a speech impediment like Bill from IT

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5). I love movies more than anything
6). I adore anything and everything 80s.
7). Same with the 50s and 60s, except I just like the music and the occasional film.
8). ASMR is my guilty pleasure. It's honestly so relaxing.

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9). This one guy called me darling in Ireland and I'm still not over it.
10). I was extremely fascinated by the Titanic.
11). Now, I'm fascinated with true crime
12). I've watched a lot of Ted Talks about ex-cult members

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13). I am very,very clumsy
14). I send memes in every conversation.
15). I do have a slight thing for older men bUT I in no way want one until I'm legal.
16). I personally don't really care for k-pop, but I've heard a couple good songs.

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17). The MCU is the shit and owns my money.
18). I've haven't seen any of the DCEU movies besides Suicide Squad which was a mess.
19). I only read comics if I know the movie is coming out (ex. Infinity War)
20). Thor is my favorite avenger and doesn't deserve what Thanos is about to do to him.

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