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List 10 things you would hope to be remembered for.

  • Being ME!

Because there is nothing better than to be yourself.

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  • My kindness.

It's not hard to showing people that you have positive vibe that shine brighter than the stars.

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  • As being a good daughter.

I love my parents so much with all my heart and I hope they proud of whatever that I do.

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  • Reason someone to smile.

Smile is one of the way people say that they are happy, and I want to be one of the source of others happiness.

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  • Encourage people

Here I am to always remembering you, be brave, be bold, have courage, and love life.

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  • Being inspiring

One of my life goals is I can inspiring people with what I did, like so many people in the world that have been inspired me.

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  • Make a change for better world.

Even though just a little, I would like to be remembered as one of the people who created changes, makes people living life in peace.

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  • My writing.

For people who read this, I hope my writing is one of the reason your joy and fun.

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  • A good lover.

For my brother, my very best friends, my future husband, all humans, animals, plants, anything that live in this earth.

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  • Helps each other.

I hope to be remembered for my existence that is useful to people who need my help.

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" I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello."

Last but not least, Thank you for people who read, reacting, heart, all the articles that I made for participated this challenge. It's really means a lot to me. I know there still any mistakes on my writing, and I wish you wouldn't mind about it at all.

That's all for now & See you later!

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