you should read these first ;)


_As soon as I closed the door behind me, I regreted leaving in the first place. The hall smelled like warm alcohol and it was anything but pleasant. I was trying not to breathe while I was quietly walking to the bathroom. I really didn't want to wake up my mom, since she had a rather blurry night behind her.
Air in my bathroom was as awful as in the hall, so I closed the door and opened the window. The cold breeze felt extremely good once again on this lame morning. I looked at myself in the mirror.
"Wow, what a horror of a person," I told myself as I was brushing my hair.
I was totally disappointed every day when I look at my reflection. Even though my mom was a very beautiful woman and Sherri was too, I looked nothing like either of them. I was probably more of a daddy's girl. Too bad for me and my chances of getting a decent boyfriend. I'm not saying I never had one, I'm just saying none of those guys would ever be a potencial husband or anything.

I didn't ever brush my teeth that morning, I just took my bag, a pack of gum and left the smelly house as fast as I could, as quietly as possible. I was already late.
The cold air was now all around me, so my mood went from 'a total b*tch' to 'if you're not annoying I'll be nice' and the thought of that made me feel good about myself even though I never felt good about myself.
I though about lighting another cigarette since no one could see me or judge me. I already took out an old lighter and there was a person walking next to me.
Why, oh why do things like that always happen to me?_