Hey guys, here's a list of tattoos i really like and might get in the future, right now i don't have any, but i'm thinking of getting one when i turn 18! 💛

Inspirational quotes

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I'd love to get a tattoo of a word or phrase that means a lot to me


tattoo, flowers, and pink image Image by Lucia Veyna tattoo, sunflower, and flowers image Best, cool, and flower image
My birthflower is a larkspur, but here are also some other (birth)flowers!

Abstract art

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This is my favorite kind of art. I'd love it to have such a piece inked on my body

Matching tattoos

Image by 𝑛𝑦𝑛𝑛𝑒 tattoo, triangle, and couple image
To share a tattoo with a friend would be amazing!

Zodiac sign

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Hope you liked it! What kind of tattoo do you want?
xx Myrthe