- h o l d . m e . d o w n

he´s got me down
on both knees
but it´s the devil
that´s tryna hold me down

halsey and rose image Mature image

- h a u n t i n g

i was pure as a river,
but now
i think i´m possessed

halsey and beauty image halsey image

- c o l o r s

you touched me
and suddently
i was a lilac sky

halsey image badlands, halsey, and grunge image

- c o n t r o l

I´m meaner than my demons
i´m bigger than these bones

Temporarily removed Image removed

- he a v e n . i n . h i d d i n g

and when you start
to feel the rush,
a crimson headache,
aching blush

halsey image yellow, background, and halsey image

- a n g e l . o n . f i r e

nobody seems to ask
about me anymore
and nobody seems to care
about anything i think

Temporarily removed Image by b-

- 100 . l e t t e r s

i´m not
soomethig to
butter up and
taste when
you get bored

halsey and hopeless fountain kingdom image Temporarily removed

- s t r a n g e r s

to be touched,
to be loved,
to feel anythig at all

halsey image halsey image

- d r i v e

all we do is drive
all we do is think about
the fellings that we hide

halsey image halsey image

- g h o s t

what happend
to the sould
you used to be?

bands, band members, and gay image halsey, ghost, and pink image

she is a force of nature and I love this woman
I hope everyone has enjoyed the article