Hi everyone !! Sorry for disappearing, the College has taken all my time. Today I'll talk about the best part of my life: be a vegetarian.

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I became vegetarian two years ago, and it was the best choice I've made. I can't explain how I've changed after that, but I became a person a lot more coactive, helpful and emotional. This totally changed my life, and my only regret is not have started before. So I hope that someday you feel that too. Here go some documentaries and persons that help me to start.

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- What the health
- Cownspiracy
- Earthlings
- Mission blue
- Amazônia eterna
- Food matters
- Live and let it live
- Vegucated
- A carne é fraca

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- Yasmin Brunet
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- Tatiana Ringsby

- Kip Andersen

Well, now I'm trying to become vegan. Let's do this together!

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Xoxo, Izzy