when i first saw you, you seemed just like all the other rocks.
from the distance stones always look boring.
but when i got closer i noticed that gleam and glimmer that you have.
i tilted my head and you changed colours, green and purple at the same time like an oil slick.

beautiful, colours, and crystal image

a desire to own you was awoken inside of me.
i wanted you to be my treasure and keep you in a chest or put you on in my room so i can enjoy your delightful sight every day.
i'd put you on my windowsill so you can unfold all your shine whenever the sun kisses you.

crystal image

it got an old soul, it has been through so much.
just like diamonds emerge under pressure, it turned the pain life trew at it to glitter.
i want to touch it, feel the sharp edges and get mesmerized by its shine.
hold it in my hand, keep it to myself.

crystal, crystals, and magical image

you used to hide your secrets inside just like a druse,
but i waited patiently until your shell cracked and i could look into your soul.
i'm so lucky to have found such a precious hidden treasure, i'll never give you back.

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but all this shine you reflected blinded me.
how could i have been so dumb to think humans are like jewels...
you can't own them.
and they change.

my little gem is telling me he doesn't want to be mine.
he'd rather keep his shine all for himself or wait for someone else to notice.

i wish i was a pretty mineral as well, cold and beautiful like colored ice.
no more pain, just admiration.
we could be jewels together and create a piece of jewelry out of ourselves
but he prefers to be a solitaire.