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Victim Mentality is a four man '80s inspired heavy/glam metal band under LOVEROCK. They were formed as a duo in 2009 taking four years to write and record the songs for their debut in 2013. Right before their live debut the bassist, Skorpion, joined the band.

Since they didn't have a drummer yet, they used a drumming machine for their live performances while searching for a drummer. In 2014 they found one.

In 2015 they participated in Superstar K7.

The band has gone through some line-up changes. Current guitarist Die-Amond joined in 2016 for I Still Love You. Drummer Cyborg joined not long after.

Superstar K7


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Victim Mentality:

Krocodile (Choi Ilhwan):

Die-Amond (Park Kyeongyong?):

Cyborg (Kim Wankil):

Krocodile: @krocodilechoi
Die-Amond: @dieamond_guitar
Skorpion: @lost_courage_x
Cyborg: @superdrummer