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I literally love to go to festivals, concerts and raves during the summer. It's so magical how music can bring people together. So Tomorrowland, Summerburst, Chocella and Putte i parken will forever be on my bucket list. I can never get enough of it. I linked some YouTube videos down below if you're interested of knowing what it is!

1 | Go to Tomorrowland

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2 | Go to Summerburst

3 | Go to Coachella

fashion, girl, and festival image coachella, girl, and fashion image coachella, girls, and friends image coachella and fashion image

4 | Go to Putte i parken

5 | Travel around the world together with my friends

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I love to travel, and so do my friends. We have travelled together before and it's so much fun! But there are so many other places that we haven't been to yet.

6 | Go on more road trips together with my friends this summer

fashion, girl, and car image car, travel, and view image travel, girl, and map image fashion, girls, and luxury image
Me and my friends usually go on a lot of road trips together. It doesn't matter if it's summer, spring, winter or autumn. Nothing is stopping us! Every season is beautiful in it's own way. This year I want to go on even more road trips to new different places that I haven't been to before.

7 | Travel back to the United States

city, light, and night image Temporarily removed city, travel, and bridge image city, fly, and lights image
I am not a 100% sure if these photos are from USA or not but the first thing I was thinking of when I saw them was definely New York. I've been to USA a couple of times before and I would love to travel back someday.

8 | Travel to the UK, London

Image removed christmas, december, and lights image Temporarily removed london, travel, and Big Ben image
I've never been to the UK before and I really want to go there someday.

9 | Travel to Japan, Tokyo

city, japan, and aesthetic image city, night, and blue image blue, city, and neon image blue, building, and city image
I've never been to Japan either and I really want to go there.

10 | Move to Stockholm

travel, stockholm, and city image adventure, city, and Flying image house, place, and travel image city, morning, and stockholm image
Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden.

11 | Go hiking in Norway

nature, bridge, and forest image travel, nature, and mountains image
Norways nature is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful.

12 | Go skiing in Norway

  • I've been to Norway multiple times. But what I really want to do is to go back there and go skiing.

13 | Start working out again

beautiful, beauty, and fitness image Image removed fitness and training image nike, fitness, and shoes image
I used to work out a lot before, but lately i've been slacking.

14 | Get an blonde ombré

beautiful, beauty, and blonde image hair, hairstyle, and style image hair, blonde, and hairstyle image hair, blonde, and hairstyle image

15 | Start painting again

flowers, art, and wallpaper image art, flowers, and paint image flowers, art, and painting image art, girl, and hair image
I used to paint a lot when I was younger, and I was actually pretty good at it. After I broke two of my fingers I stopped painting because I thought that it was hopeless. But I will start trying again because nothing is impossible!

16 | Learn how to play piano

life, moments, and music image
I love music and i've always loved piano.

17 | Learn Japanese

  • I love Anime and they mostly speak in Japanese in those movies/tv shows. So that's how I started to get interested in that language.

18 | Buy new books

girl, style, and book image Image removed books, reading, and white image book, girl, and library image

19 | Buy a house

  • In the future I really want to get a house. I don't want to live in a apartment for the rest of my life, haha.

20 | Buy new furnitures

home, interior, and decoration image interior, design, and decor image decor, home, and interior image home, bathroom, and interior image
I love to buy new things for my home so I guess that will forever be on my bucket list.

21 | Buy a new car

  • There's really no specific reason to why I want to get a new car. I just want a new, better, prettier one.

22 | Get married and have kids

  • I mean, who doesn't want that someday in the future?

23 | Go back to school to study to be a psychiatrist

  • It's my dream job.

24 | Get one more dog or a cat

Image removed Image removed dog, animal, and cute image cat, animal, and vogue image
I currently have one dog and a cat. But hey, who can get enough of these cute creatures.

25 | Buy a Canon camera (EOS 5D Mark IV Kit - EF 24-105mm F4L IS USM II to be precisely

  • I love taking photos and catching memories.

26 | Go to Disneyland

Temporarily removed disney, disneyland, and fireworks image Image by sündos disney, disney world, and walt disney image love, couple, and goals image girl, balloons, and disney image Inspiring Image on We Heart It disney, mouse, and style image
It's been my dream to go to Disneyland ever since I was a kid.

27 | Swim with dolphins

dolphin, ocean, and animal image Temporarily removed dolphin, animal, and blue image dolphin, animal, and summer image
I love animals, and I love dolphins. They are so friendly, funny, cute and smart.

28 | Cliff diving

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed summer, girl, and ocean image summer, water, and beach image

29 | See the Hollywood sign

hollywood, travel, and place image hollywood, friends, and girl image girl, hollywood, and friends image hollywood, california, and Dream image

30 | Attach a lock to a love birdge in Paris

paris, girl, and travel image love, lock, and paris image

31 | Fly in a helicopter

girl, goals, and helicopter image girl, travel, and city image Image removed alissa violet, model, and alissa image

32 | Learn to surf

palms and travel image turtle, animal, and beach image Temporarily removed beach, girl, and summer image

33 | Skydiving

friends, ocean, and sea image Temporarily removed Image removed Temporarily removed

34 | Go diving

summer, sea, and ocean image girl, summer, and sea image bikini, blue, and girls image Temporarily removed

35 | Bonfire

friends, beach, and summer image friends, beach, and summer image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

36 | Go to a drive-in movie

car, vintage, and aesthetic image

37 | Camping

travel, lights, and mountains image travel, car, and nature image friends, camping, and nature image fire, marshmallow, and autumn image

38 | See a shooting star

wish, stars, and sky image

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