△ A

alice, alice in wonderland, and wonderland image Image removed thor, Avengers, and the avengers image black and white, Freddy, and freddy krueger image
Alice and wonderland, (the) Addams family, (the) Avengers & A Nightmare on Elm Street

△ B

The Breakfast Club, 80s, and grunge image Image removed brave, disney, and hair image josh hutcherson, bridge to terabithia, and josh image
(the) Breakfast Club, Beauty and the Beast, Brave & Bridge to Terabithia

△ C

lion, narnia, and Lucy image Halle Berry, movie, and the call image coraline, smile, and movie image coco, disney, and background image
(the) Chronicles of Narnia, (the) Call, Coraline & Coco

△ D

Temporarily removed disney, dumbo, and movie image
Divergent & Dumbo

△ E

edward scissorhands, movie, and johnny depp image reality, quotes, and enchanted image
Edward scissor hands & Enchanted

△ F

harry potter, newt scamander, and eddie redmayne image Temporarily removed
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them & Footloose

△ G

circus, hughjackman, and the greatest showman image grease, movie, and Sandy image
(the) Greatest Showman & Grease

△ H

Temporarily removed Image removed robin williams image high school musical, HSM, and drama image
Harry Potter, Honey I shrunk the kids, Hook & High school musical

△ I

disney, The Incredibles, and disney movie image dustfinger image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
(the) Incredibles, Inkheart, Ice Princess & Inside Out

△ J

Temporarily removed girl image boxing, corbin bleu, and boy image josh hutcherson, boy, and josh image
Jumanji, Johnny English, Jump in & Journey 2: the mysterious island

△ K

Colin Firth, film, and movie image Spam
Kingsman & (the) Karate Kid

△ L

Legolas, orlando bloom, and lord of the rings image Image removed Image removed johnny depp, actor, and the lone ranger image
(the) Lord of the Rings, Letters to Juliet, Legally Blonde & (the) Lone Ranger

△ M

Image removed dylan o'brien, thomas, and the maze runner image lily collins, city of bones, and the mortal instruments image mrs doubtfire, funny, and robin williams image
Mamma Mia, (the) Maze Runner, (the) Mortal Instruments & Mrs. Doubtfire

△ N

dave franco image Image removed
Now you see me & Nancy Drew

△ O

brad pitt, george clooney, and oceans eleven image cameron diaz, leslie mann, and kate upton image
Ocean's Eleven & (the) Other Woman

△ P

johnny depp, pirates of the caribbean, and keira knightley image pitch perfect, funny, and fat amy image Spam gif, movie, and pink image
Pirates of the Caribbean, Pitch Perfect, (the) Princess Bride & Power Rangers

△ Q

I don’t know any...

△ R

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Rain Man & Rear Window

△ S

dakota blue richards, horse, and the secret of moonacre image moose and adam sevani image sean faris and sleepover image classic, movie, and freddie highmore image
(the) Secret of Moonacre, Step Up: All In, (the) Sleepover & (the) Spiderwick Chronicles

△ T

twilight, robert pattinson, and kristen stewart image jim carrey, the truman show, and movie image article image Dwayne Johnson, the rock, and tooth fairy image
Twilight, (the) Truman Show, Transformers & (the) Tooth Fairy

△ U

quotes, Devil, and movie image up, balloons, and sky image
(the) Usual Suspects & Up

△ V

vampire academy and rose hathaway image
Vampire Academy

△ W

meme, Gene Wilder, and Willy Wonka image Image removed
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory & White House Down

△ X

x-men, funny, and wolverine image

△ Y

Temporarily removed
You've got Mail

△ Z

Temporarily removed
Zoom: Academy for Supereroes


Thank you so much for reading my article ♡

These are some of my favourite movies in alphabetical order,
I hope you liked it! x