Do me a favor. Do yourself a favor. Dream. Let your mind go wild.
Those daydreams that you have, and would love to be real, but seem so unrealistic?
Change some things, Rearrange your mind.
Try to believe they are real for a second.
How did you get there?
What can you do, right here, right now, in real life, to accomplish this dream?

Even if your dream is to attend Hogwarts, there's a way to somewhat get there.
Ever heard of Universal Studios?
It's all about pretending.
Pretend it's real.

Pretend that you are the queen of your school, with the best attitude.

Contemplate how you can make your dreams a reality.

Find yourself on the way.
Who are you?
Who do you want to be?
What are the characteristics of the person you dream to be?

You know what works for me?

I create a character in my head. I give her a name, status, characteristics, a personality, wardrobe, agenda, with my dream job, and dream house, and so on.

And every time I'm at a crossroad, I just think: "What would my character do?"

And incase you don't fully understand my "Character" analogy, I'll give you my character's profile:
Name: Veridia
Age: 17
Height: 5'5"
Personality: Full-time badass. When she walks by, everyone stops, and stares.
She doesn't realize people are staring at her, nor does she care.
She's also very loving, and empathetic, when it comes to her friends, She always knows what to do in a situation.
Backstory: Good childhood. Parents loved her, and trusted her in everything she did. No judging necessary.
Characteristics: Long, brown hair, down to her butt, beautiful, shimmering green eyes, the clearest skin on planet earth, and doesn't hide behind makeup. She only wears makeup when she wants to play with it, or do something extra special.
Wardrobe: 80's-90's grunge, with some glamour, and some 2018 fashion mixed in sometimes. Rocks heels.
Job: YouTube personality, and singer.
Agenda: This week, she has a meeting with her managers about her next tour on Monday, and a collab with Trevor Moran on Wednesday, a collab with Shane
Dawson on Friday, and other days of the week to do vlogs! (She's mostly gaming this week, and challenges)
House vibes: Indie, grunge, vintage, with modern mixed in.

See what I mean?

If I were to compare her to myself, and try to figure out what it would take to get me to where she is, it would take a lot, but nothing too impossible. (:

Dream your biggest dream.