helo! this will be my first ever movie review :) I will be reviewing the movie 'annihilation' directed by alex garland starring natalie portman and oscar isaac. I think this was absolutely a mind blowing movie and lived up to my expectations. Definitely an 9/10

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Synopsis: A biologist signs up for a dangerous, secret expedition into a mysterious zone where the laws of nature don't apply

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Why I like it

1. The Plot
Since this is a sci-fi ilm, you obviously have to expect that the plot is going to be different. I never expected that it will be so good. It's such a unique and intriguing story. I understand how people may compare this to Arrival (2016) but these 2 films are so different. It explores not only science, but also real life decisions that make us do bold choices.

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2. The Characters
I love how each character had a purpose to the story. No one was written just for the sake that "this movie needs this kind of character" no. Everyone had a storyline, and you can't just help but sympathize with everyone tbh

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3. Color and Cinematography
i cannot even begin here gosh this part was just amazing !!!!! bye

thank you so much for reading ! pls pls pls watch this esp if u have netflix ;) here are my other articles

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