I get so nervous when someone asks me what I want to do with my life.
As a kid, I always thought I'd have it figured out by now. But it's more real now.
My future is getting closer and closer, creeping up on me like a monster in a horror movie.

Am I ready for the jump-scare?

I didn't even have the slightest idea what I wanted until a couple Months ago.
I see all these Freshman with their lives all planned out, and here I am, still stuck.
I'm a Junior in High School, and I've been doing online school since my Sophomore year, when I realized all my friends in public school weren't real friends. They only talked to me when they needed something. That's how my whole life has been.
But, I digress.
So, since my Credentials are different for online school, my Freshman year, I got more Credits than I would have if I did online school that year, so I'm going to be completely done, in the middle of my Senior year, in December.
Pretty cool, huh?
I've thought about College here and there, but never even considered going in January, just because I can.
But while visiting a College my Mom and most of my family line went to, I changed some things around in my head.
I can get out of my house sooner than I had ever thought before.
This is my chance to escape my parents demanding personalities, and all their judgment, and get OUT.
Sure, it's only a semester sooner, but the sooner, the better, to be completely honest.
This school is pretty easy to get into, from what I've heard from my family, but I'm still not sure a bum like me can get in.
And this school, for me has so many memories, and I haven't even started going there yet.
You see, years ago, when I was little, I had these friends named Riley and Brady. And their parents were friends with my parents.
And their parents happen to work at this College now, so i've toured the Campus a couple of times.
My mom met their mom at this College, along with a few of my dad's cousins, (weird, I know)
My Grandparents met here, and some of my Great-Grandparents, my Uncle went here, and so on.
So, I haven't even enrolled yet, and I have history here, and I know some of the staff.
They're all pretty awesome.

At first, I didn't even want to THINK about going to College, because of all the debt it would put me in, but I feel like this is an opportunity I just can't pass up.

I'll keep you guys posted.