1.) Timezones by Manila Grey - Hip-pop/ Rap

Seriously such an underrated song!!! It's so chill and I feel so memorized every time I listen to it.

2.) American Kids by Poppy - Pop

A lot of people are familiar with Poppy because of her "weird" youtube videos but her music is so refreshing to me. American kids is about and for the youth that doesn't promote drugs, partying or promiscuity?? Hell yeah sign me the fuck up!

3.) Passin' Me By by The Pharcyde - Hip-pop/ Rap

A 90s rap song about somebody who is out of your league. Very underrated and very chill song

4.) Back Home by A$AP Rocky - Hip-pop / Rap

A tribute to A$AP Yams, a friend of Rocky's, who passed away due to an accidental overdose

5.) Get Free by Lana Del Rey - Pop

YES IT DOES SOUND LIKE RADIOHEAD'S "CREEP" BUT I DONT GIVE A DAMN. The song is about Lana freeing herself from a negative mindset where she was playing someone else's game rather then living her own life. The song sounds so majestic and it just makes me so happy

6.) Desire by Meg Myers - Alternative

A lot of people probably know Hucci's remix of this song (because its super sexxxxyy) but the original song definitely deserves more recognition then it had gotten. Its so sexual and dark and it just makes me bring out my inner pole dancer lol not to mention that it has an amazing guitar rift.

7.) I'm God by Clams Casino

A lot of people has heard of San Holo's and Howl's remix of this song but the original song has me feeling some kinda way. The song is about The Story of David Higgs, an unknown man who committed suicide because his girlfriend Julie cheated on him.


8.) Cyber Stockholm Syndrome by Rina Sawayama

Its one of those songs that sounds like it has 50 million views but in reality it doesn't even have 150,000 views. “Cyber Stockholm Syndrome is happy and sad, honest and autobiographical, and I feel like I’ve truly written from the heart from the first time. It took two years of rewriting and revising as I wrestled with the beauty and anxiety of digital life. Before, I saw the internet as a captor of our time and free will. But now, I see embracing a positive relationship with our online selves as an act of self-preservation and defiance. In this age, the digital world can offer vital support networks, voices of solidarity, refuge, escape. Marginalised people, or socially anxious people like myself can in fact, be freed. That’s what Cyber Stockhholm Syndrome is about: pessimism, optimism, anxiety and freedom.”

9.) Teenage Movie Ending Credits by Abelard

Theres not much to this song but it has the Breakfast Club quotes in it, so if you like new wave music then I definitely recommend this!

10.) Marcel by Her's

Has a very nice and up beat tone to it, it's a perfect beachy song

11.) Cowabunga by Kepler

It's a remix of the previous song, just a little more chill

12.) Autumn Leaves by Roger Williams

I'd imagine this song is pretty recognizable to anybody who listen to jazz music but to people who don't, Roger Williams did a piano cover (back the 50s I believe?) of "Les Feuilles mortes" by Joseph Kosma and its very beautiful master piece C:

13.) We Should Hang Out by Con Bro Chill

This is like the perfect song for summer adventures and hanging out with your friends!

14.) Blood Love by Young Summer Big Wild remix

a super sexual song that has kind of a tropical theme to it

15.) Pretty Little Liars Theme - Sickick Version

I have never watched an episode of ppl in my life before but god damn sickick's version of the theme song literary gives me goosebumps everythime i listen to it

16.) Happiness by Clozinger

I feel so damn good every time i listen to this song

17.) Safari Fruits by Vidya Vidya

its like all of our childhood video games into one song! and its even better that its dubstep!

18.) Psychotic Girl by The Black Keys

a song about the lead singer's bad experience with women lol dark and sexual hell yeah

19.) She Knows About Me by Roy Woods

kinda has a similar feel to the very song i listed, its very chill and its kinda memorizing

20.) The City by Skizzy Mars
A song about a man who reflects on his early life and how he has grown since

hope you enjoy the list!