Hi. Again

I'm back and i've been thinking about writing an article not just about challenges but also about tips and life stories.

Day 3 | What are your top three pet peeves ?

I normally don't have pet peeves but ok.

1. People that refused compliments

Then what's the point getting a compliment ? Simply say thank you or accept kindly and compliment them back ( what their good at ) as well, it'll be awkward if you reject. Example :

" Oh my, your drawing is beautiful, how ??"
" What no, i bet your drawing is way nicer than mine"
" I don't even draw, have you ever seen my drawing ??"
" Yeah.... but still"

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2. The easily "offended"

Sometimes it's just a joke. Or maybe because the person that offends you feels comfortable or super duper close with you so when they say something they thought it won't hurt or offend you and they straight up said it. But the easily offended one is the ones that are offended by jokes or etc, but violence won't do.

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3. Infinity commercials

Idk, it bugs me a lot.

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That's all for today's challenge, see you tommorow !! - Calyptus

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