Hello everybody,
let's get started with another "My Name In...". This time we are going with flowers. Hope you enjoy it!


flowers and blue image flower and hortensia image
They were always growing in our garden and I feel like even when they fade they look beautiful.


butterfly, flowers, and spring image flowers and echinacea image
My mum loves These flowers and now so do I.


flowers, nature, and spring image art, flowers, and purple image
I am in love with the colour and especially smell of Lavender, but who isn't !?


flowers, echinacea, and цветы image mavi, gökyüzü, and çiçek image
These cute little guys are so simple and cute, but so expressive at the same time.


beautiful, colorful, and flowers image green, palette, and nasturtium image
I love this plant, it Looks so beautiful with those strong colours and I love to decorate meals with it.
Hope you had fun reading my article!