Hi guyss, I'm back. This articles is for all the girls, little or not.
Let's go!

We need to drink so much water in this period for deflate the belly
We must avoid coffee, cocacola, pepsi and something like this.

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2) Workout
I have some 'problems' in this period in the means that my back hurts and my belly same and I don't workout/yoga or something else but I must do so...

fit image Image by Nelly Orrvik

3) Hot water
If your back hurts(like me) put a hot water bottle and you will feel so good, promise!

4) Tampons/ pads
You should change tampon or pad every 3/4h if you period is 'normal' and you should avoid to use a tampon for 8h (increase the risk of toxic shock syndrome)

5) Eat
If your period it's particulary abundant/'generous' eat things with a lot of iron(orange/orange juice, eggs, vegeteblas(most the type dark green), beans etc.) because in this period iron levels have the tendency to go down.

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6) Shower
It's better do a hot water because your muscle are very 'cold'

7) Outfit
In this period I use just comfy outfit so sweatpants, leggins and sometimes jeans( pratically I became a bum)

fashion, outfit, and girl image outfit, fashion, and aesthetic image

8) Bag
You should put 1 or more pads or tampons in your bag/schoolbag or others to avoid bad situations

9) Sleep
We should sleep a lot so if you can't sleep in the night, in the afternoon strech yourself almost for 10 minuts

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10) Survival kit
I have a small bag with pads, medecine and babywipes but you can add energy bars/candy bars, essential oils or something else!

That's all for today!
With love, Annalisa♡