Hiiii lovelies!

Welcome to my first article. I wanted to write one for a little while now but didn't know what to write about...

Since the weather is slightly changing (spring is coming yay!) I thought it's time to put a playlist together. After spring comes summer anddd isn't that what we really want?

I know I do!

Ok let's go. My favorite songs for spring AND summer.

1. Reik ft. Ozuna / Wisin - Me Neigo

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Sun + this song = ultimate summer feeling

2. Khalid - Love Lies (with Normani)

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Close your eyes, put this song on and take a sip from your fancy cocktail

3. Bruno Mars - Finesse (Remix ft. Cardi B)

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This song never fails to make me dance!! And I mean... Bruno Mars. Duh!

4. Bebe Rexha - Meant To Be (ft. Florida Georgia Line)

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5. CNCO - Mamita

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I knew them before their remix with Little Mix. And their music makes me really want to move to Latin America


Thank you guys for reading! I hope you liked the songs. More will follow soon!


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